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Hello I am Yaz, mum to the gorgeous Ezra (3). 

I am a primary school teacher and I specialise in early years

When lock-down was announced I decided to make myself and Ezra a timetable of daily activities to chunk our day and keep me sane. 

I thought my timetables might help other parents who might be struggling to entertain their toddlers 24/7, I decided to post my timetable on a couple of groups on Facebook. I had such an overwhelming response I launched my Instagram page @thetoddleractivityguide which grew rapidly over a matter of days. I have now launched this website so people have unlimited access to my timetables and resources. 

I post daily to my Instagram page: @thetoddleractivityguide

I love to see how everyone is getting on, don't forget to tag me in your social media posts.

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