About the class:

The Toddler Activity Guide, explore, play and learn classes are friendly and fun, and are about developing skills that are important when children start school. 

Every week I will have new and exciting activities for the children to explore.
The sessions run in four parts: 

Individual name recognition activity

Dough Disco

Number, pre-writing, gross and fine motor activity stations to explore at your own pace

Storytime and singing

To join my sessions, click on the 'find a class' tab. All my classes are 45 minutes in length and are priced at £7.50 per session. The length of each term varies to coincide with school term dates. 

Sessions are not repeated, each class has a new set of activities designed to progress across the year. 

All my classes are updated every 7/8 weeks so please check back for new course times and venue updates.