Here are some things to help your child get ready for school: 

- Can your child dress and undress independently? (socks and tights included) 

- Can they put on and zip up their own coat? 

- Can your child recognise their name? 

- Can they write their own name? If so then great (but please do not teach them to write it in block capitals) If not, then don't worry but a little practice never hurt. 

- Can they use a knife and fork to eat their dinner?

- Can they use the toilet independently (if they struggle to wipe their bottoms send them to school with flushable baby wipes they can keep in their drawer) 

- Can they sing the alphabet? 

- Can they count out loud to 10? to 20? can they count backwards from a given number?

- Can your child recognise numbers 0-10? 

- Does your child share and take turns with their toys? 

- Can they follow simple instructions e.g. put your shoes on? 

- Does your child answer questions in full sentences? 

Keep practising your fine and gross motor skills that will strengthen their hands ready for writing and other activities

**  Reception teachers will not expect your child to start school being able to read, so please do not panic! If you would like to help your child become ready to start their reading journey when they start school click the link below (phase one only).** 

Helpful Tip: 

Label everything! Yes even their socks. When 30 children get changed for PE there is a lot that goes missing!

Helpful Tip: 

If you are buying a water bottle, try buying a softer one or a metal one- they last longer after being dropped!